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Printed and electronic formats are available on Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, Apple, and bookstores and online worldwide.

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Australian residents may buy paperback copies direct from us for delivery within Australia (posted same day). English version.
$39.95 plus $6 post and packaging:

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978-0-6487727-1-2 &
978-0-6487727-6-7 (La version française) – available soon

978-0-6487727-4-3 (India edition, paperback)

Same book, printed in India and delivered worldwide (worth checking the price).


978-0-6487727-2-9 &
978-0-6487727-8-1 (La version française) – available soon
978-0-6487727-2-9 (Kindle) &
978-0-6487727-7-4 (La version française) – available soon


978-0-6487727-0-5 &
978-0-6487727-5-0 (La version française) – available soon

This is the high quality full colour edition with hardback (see the free sample download to see what the interior is like).

The book is distributed worldwide and should be available at 40,000+ Retailers & Libraries Around the World and is priced at USD $54.95 (and comparable prices worldwide). Search the ISBN number for outlets and if you have a problem finding the book, send us a message and we can get a copy for you.