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Keith Bateman

Keith Bateman – Competitor and coach

Competitor and running technique coach

From the age of 45 Keith’s running times improved dramatically, culminating in a host of State, National, and World age-group records. The records that he set in the 55-age-group were faster than the records he set in the 45-age-group!

State, Australian and World records

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World Records

Keith’s technique-change lessons combine with Heidi’s Strengthening and Rehabilitation programs to form the core of this book. Keith also provides a chapter for coaches who want to introduce technique change for their runners.

As of September 2020, Keith has stopped providing in-person technique sessions and coaching school cross-country and track teams. He now concentrates on coaching readers via the Facebook Help Group. He has also gone back to full-time training with the aim of adding some 65+ age-group records to his existing records.

Some Podcast and video interviews

Keith’s current activity on Strava

Heidi Jones

Heidi Jones, Bondi podiatrist
Bondi podiatrist Heidi Jones

Competitor and podiatrist
(Dip. Pod., MA. Pod. A)

Heidi has been a life-long runner and became a podiatrist to fix running injuries. She graduated in 1996 and she runs her own clinic at Bondi, called Feet On The Move.

After orthotics failed to meet her expectations, Heidi devised a foot-strengthening program as an alternative. This has proven to be very successful in treating runners, non-runners and children.

Heidi combines her strengthening program with Keith’s technique-change lessons to form the core of this book. Heidi also provides a chapter for podiatrists and other medical professionals treating runners, which describes how to implement her program.

Feet on the move

19 years to 2016; Senior Podiatrist at St Vincent’s hospital high risk foot clinic, specializing in diabetic podiatry

General treatment: removal of corns, calluses, warts, nail cutting etc

Biomechanical assessment/gait analysis/unique running injury treatment without orthotics

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