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Technique-change sessions

Sessions take place in Sydney (other places when we travel)

Approx 50 to 70 mins for 1 person, longer if you book in friends too (max group of 4)

Keith's sessions follow the lessons in the book, since the book developed from those sessions.

Keith videos each client at the start and finish of each session. These are uploaded so clients can study them online and compare before and after sequences in conjunction with a detailed follow-up email.

After the sessions, clients have a clear picture of what they were doing and what they need to do to improve.

Both clients and book readers may join the Facebook Help Group for help and advice, including posting videos to help with their continuing progress to fast, injury-free running.

Clients are strongly advised to follow the principles and strengthening exercises laid out in the book, which includes using thin, flat, flexible shoes and reducing training to just a few Kilometres while their muscles, tendons and ligaments adjust to a different workload.

Session times and location

Meeting places vary by day and time - a Google Map is included in the confirmation email and the session reminder text (the day before the session)

Please check here for available session times

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